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Marketing spend ~ what to cut and what to keep...

This is a topic that most business owners want to learn more about. How can we reduce and reallocate our marketing spend? And how to determine what is vital and what is non-essential, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Here are some ways in which we can best use our marketing budget while still keeping the most important cogs turning, until business returns to normal. 1. Our first tip is without a doubt to ramp up your social media. People are online more than ever right now. What a great opportunity to invest in some sponsored posts and learn more about using this medium more efficiently. If you are not social media savvy, then this is the time to learn. There are thousands of e-courses, which can help make us much better at this social media caper. 2. Think about pivoting rather than cutting the entire marketing spend. Change your focus, determine what is essential by putting yourself in your customers shoes, and invest time and money in how to directly reach these people. 3. Remember that some parks will pull back in their marketing due to fear or costs, so this is the time to stay put. We don’t mean keep your entire marketing budget, moreso keep your presence felt, reassess and monitor your marketing spend and look at investing in up-skilling which in turn could save you money later down the track. 4. Following on from our previous point, up-skill staff with free webinars on topics such as social media, marketing, event planning etc – look to local Business Chambers of Commerce, TAFE, adult learning centres and online courses. Remember, if you use this time productively, it could save you money in the long term. 5. Invest in quality over quantity. People are limited with their money and their resources. Pick 2-3 marketing channels and do them really well. Don’t waste time on the others. 6. Look at using free online tools. Look at what areas of our business we need to improve and learn how to do it. Get researching. 7. Stay consistent with your marketing choices. Update your social media daily, email previous guests weekly, or keep your blogposts updated bi-weekly. Consistency is so important in a time that is so inconsistent everywhere else. 8. Look at collaborations with other businesses, holiday parks and influencers. Start the conversation and have the influencers ready to go when isolation is over. Work with other businesses to share content amongst both social media pages. The value in this marketing is so incredibly strong right now. 9. Start creating campaigns so they can be switched to active when needed. We all have plenty of thinking time right now. Start brainstorming and be creative. The world will be a different place when this is all over. Look at what people have been missing and what they hold as most valuable and start from there. 10. Get familiar with filming online videos. Make your own YouTube Channel with all of your helpful tips, tricks, camping ideas etc. These videos can then be used as content for EDMs, and social media posts for many months to come (great way to save time later). This current environment will divide many parks from those that ‘’do’’ and those that ‘’plan to do it later’’. Get motivated, keep your online presence consistent and keep in touch with your loyal guests. You will not see immediate results, but when the parks reopen and business starts getting back to normal, this work will most certainly pay off.

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