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Planning ahead ~ what we can do...

The one thing that we all seem to lack in our work and home life is ‘’time’’. We often say that we wish that we had more time to do more work, to spend with our friends, to enjoy with our loved ones, to learn or practice a hobby.

With the sudden and unexpected decrease in occupancy at our parks, it is opening up some time for us in the workplace. We need to start thinking how we can best use this time to provide us with a better outcome at the end of all of this.

What can we do in our park?

1. Plan ahead, look at what you are doing in terms of marketing for the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

2. Does our marketing need to change due to what has happened to our guests and how do we need to change it?

3. How can we best reach our clients and keep them informed about the park and the restrictions? Direct email, social media?

4. Do our campaigns and offers need to be more generous or more flexible?

5. Do we need to change our social media direction to be more empathetic or more focused on connecting with family and friends?

6. What mediums will be the best use of your limited or non-existent marketing dollar?

This is the time to sit down and plan how we will get people in our door when travelling restrictions are lifted. There will be many accommodation providers all trying to get the Australian publics attention, we need to be consistent and we need to stand out amongst the crowd. Remember to think outside the box and when planning ahead, try and place ourselves in the shoes of those who have been through a lot mentally, emotionally and financially. We will be posting more over the coming weeks on how to do this and what options are available to us.

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