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Templates... are they really useful?

Today we are talking about 'Templates'. Why are templates a significant topic with everything that we are going through right now? The answer is simple. This extra time that we have now, should be used to make better use of our time when guests can return to our parks.

Basically giving us more time to do other things that matter. Here are six reasons why we LOVE templates and why we all need to introduce more of them into our lives.

1. They can be used as a checklist. It’s difficult to miss something if it’s in front of your face.

2. They enable us to be much more time efficient. Rather than sitting down thinking about what steps need to be taken, the template has it there waiting for you.

3. Templates make training staff so much easier and it also lessens the confusion (and frustration) when handing over certain tasks to different team members.

4. Continuing on front the last point, they help to minimise stress and confusion. Not just for trainees but for all staff. Multitasking is a part of all of our roles nowadays. Any way to minimize stress is worth it in our books.

5. One thing that we especially love about templates is the consistency. Perfect for measuring apples with apples, making sure systems are the same every single time and any team member can undertake the task the way that it should be completed.

6. And finally, the area that not many business owners or managers are too fond of, keeping the filing & records in line. Templates keep everything organized, they don’t require excess documents and ideas. They speak for themselves.

We hope you all see the value in setting up your templates while you have a bit of spare time up your sleeve. Here’s to having a more methodical system in place, ready for the busier times ahead.

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